The Lower Ouseburn Valley, once a centre for pottery and glass making, has in more recent times gained a reputation for its many art galleries and artists studios.

As these photos show, art is not restricted entirely to the galleries. A wander around the valley reveals quite a bit of "public art".

Most of the photos were taken in September 2007

p1040906_small.jpg p1040909_small.jpg p1040912_small.jpg
p1040913_small.jpg p1040898_small.jpg p1040900_small.jpg
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p1050010_small.jpg p1050008_small.jpg p1010112_small.jpg
p1040883_small.jpg p1040885_small.jpg p1010123_small.jpg
p1050028_small.jpg p1040887_small.jpg p1030713_small.jpg
p1040889_small.jpg p1040888_small.jpg p1040897_small.jpg
p1040896_small.jpg discs_small.jpg p1040863_small.jpg
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