Faced with the increasing threat of raids by the Scots, Newcastle was granted permission

in 1265 to build a wall to protect the town and its inhabitants.

The wall on completion was just over two miles long, about seven feet thick and ranged from

twelve to twenty five feet high.

These photographs show whats left of the wall and towers. They follow the course of the wall in a

clockwise direction starting at Orchard Street in the west, and ending at the Sally Port Tower in the east.

wallmap_small.jpg p1040629_small.jpg p1040630_small.jpg img_5211_small.jpg p1040656_small.jpg
p1020036_small.jpg p1040647_small.jpg p1040644_small.jpg p1040664_small.jpg p1020010_small.jpg
p1020011_small.jpg p1040658_small.jpg p1040661_small.jpg p1040660_small.jpg p1020012_small.jpg
p1040599_small.jpg p1020018_small.jpg p1040602_small.jpg p1020015_small.jpg p1040600_small.jpg
p1020027_small.jpg p1020023_small.jpg p1020022_small.jpg p1020029_small.jpg p1040641_small.jpg
p1040638_small.jpg p1020129_small.jpg p1020126_small.jpg p1020128_small.jpg p1020112_small.jpg

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