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Photographs of Newcastle upon Tyne
and North East England

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Jarrow-Online aims to educate, revive peoples memories and bring people together by sharing present day and historical information of the town of Jarrow.
Andrew Blakey
This website was established in the late 1990s to provide a friendly point of contact for Hebburn folk near and far.
Mike Ellison
Welcome to Beamish, The North of England Open Air Museum, where the past comes to life.
Les Carter
The idea of the site is to have a freely available archive of photographs charting and recording the various changes made throughout the North East of England.
Steve Ellwood
Welcome to SWALWELL, a village in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, in North East England.
David Newton
Geordielife started as a project from Gateshead college in the year 2000 - It is a 'Geordie' record of life in the North East of England and in particular Newcastle and surrounding districts.
Photographs of North Shields and the Tyne
Jim Scott
Comedy monologues in the traditional rhyming style by Newcastle writer/illustrator Gary Hogg
The Friends of Jesmond Dene are a conservation society pledged to work for the protection of the area. The Friends exist to stimulate public interest in everything concerning the Dene. Photographs of every pub within the Borough of Gateshead
Rob Bratton
Images from Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire border based on ILKESTON
and the Erewash Valley
Garth Newton
To promote, both at home and abroad, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Northumbria’s distinctive regional culture, traditions and identity
Explore ALL the bridges on the Tyne, past and present, with photographs; read about the ferries, Tyne Tunnels and the structure and design of bridges and how the Tyne influenced their development
Photo-blog of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England and surrounding areas
The Ouseburn
This site is intended as an interactive community development space with public access to read local information and multiple "users" who can change and update information
The aim of this site is to chart the history of
Newcastle’s weird and wonderful West End
by collating pictures loaned to them, archived material,
and the stories and tales of local people
Photos of Middlesbrough ,Teesside and the North East of England by Andrew Davies Photography Enjoy one of the most picturesque regions of England. A living, vibrant Coastline to Countryside experience with an unequalled atmosphere. The region, the site and the walks are here for you.
North of the Tyne
Castles & Illustrated Walks
from the Tyne to the Tweed.
orthumberland in pictures
Espirito graphic art Espirito was formed by a collective of graphic artists, fine artists, photographers and web designers who had in common a passion for art, together with a firm desire to provide people with the ability to realise their own imaginations

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